Welcome to ClinHacks, The Clinician Engineer Hub's first hackathon! On March 13-14th, 2021, we are virtually bringing together over 250 innovators from all over the world to come up with solutions to clinical challenges. 

It is no secret that there is a growing need for innovation and technology in the healthcare field. To address challenges in healthcare, collaboration between medical professionals, engineers, designers and entrepreneurs is critical.

Our focus is to inspire students and early professionals with all experience levels and backgrounds to create, explore and design the future of healthcare. 

Join our virtual platform: https://www.airmeet.com/e/add9e660-6c0f-11eb-9d0a-e7a8714062a0

March 13th: 

Opening Ceremonies 8am EST/1pm GMT
Hacking Begins!  9am EST/2pm GMT
Falling in Love with the Problem: How to approach innovation 9am EST/2pm GMT
Workshop: Intro to Python Skills for AI, Part 1 9:30am EST/2:30pm GMT
Practical aspects of working at the intersection of Biomedical Sciences and Engineering 11am EST/4pm GMT 
Healthcare Innovation: The Time is Right; The Need is Real 12pm EST/5pm GMT
Workshop: Storyboarding and Insights Generation 1pm EST/6pm GMT
Workshop: Intro to Python Skills for AI, Part 2 2pm EST/7pm GMT
Workshop: Intro to Python Skills for AI, Part 3 3pm EST/8pm GMT

March 14th: 

Virtual Networking Session 8:30am EST/1:30pm GMT
Deadline for submissions 12pm EST/5pm GMT 
Awards and Closing Ceremonies 2pm EST/7pm GMT

Hackathon Sponsors


$9,860 in prizes

Best Overall (valued at $1500)

Each member of the winning team will be awarded a year unlimited subscription to MasterClass and assorted, surprise gift cards. They will also receive a media feature.

Symphony Health Hacking COVID Prize

Teams will be given three datasets containing real data about COVID from the USA:
1) elective surgeries for some key surgery types by week by state by age group. 2) state level restriction score to provide a relative score of strength/severity of community restrictions. 3) state level weekly totals of newly diagnosed COVID patients.
We are looking for teams to focus on one or two questions:
What insights can you uncover?
Can you use this data and other publicly available data to design a decision support tool? The winning team members will each receive an Apple Watch Series 3.

Most Innovative Idea

Does your hack solve problems in the most interesting way possible? This award goes to the hack with an original idea that no one has ever thought of. Winners will each receive a $40 Etsy gift card to shop local, small businesses.

Kuzoclass Prize

The hack with the most feasible business idea will receive $6000 worth of Kuzoclass classes to build your hackathon project into a real startup!

Caring for Remote Communities

The past year has shown us the importance of being connected. For the first time in recent history, people dwelling near urban centres were unable to easily access services in-person due to social distancing restrictions. This inability to easily access services is a common and long-standing problem for remote communities. It becomes even more serious when health care is considered. Services like medical consultation, diagnosis and treatment all become more difficult to deliver. Your challenge is to create a technology solution that can help improve the delivery of a particular medical service to remote communities. Winners will each receive a $40 Etsy gift card to shop local, small businesses.

Best Use of Voiceflow App

Submit a project that uses Voiceflow (https://voiceflow.com/hackathon/clinhacks2021) – explain how Voiceflow helped to achieve the goal of your project.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Clinician Engineer Hub

Clinician Engineer Hub

Judging Criteria

  • Problem Definition: is the problem clearly defined and is it important?
    • Ability to articulate targeted main point(s) around the problem space • Clearly defined use case that matches articulated main points • Potential for impact
  • Technical Feasibility: can the technical specifications be implemented?
    • Feasibility of implementation • Solution provided is technically sound
  • Business Feasibility: how will the solution reach the target audience?
    • Path to market is obvious • There is a business model/scalability/distribution plan
  • Clinical Impact
    • Would this idea improve patient care or healthcare processes?
  • Innovation
    • Is the project original? • Has the need already been addressed by academic research or industry? • Does the product introduce a new approach or perspective?
  • Presentation
    • Was the demo clear enough to convey the above criteria?

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